Botanical walks through the parks and green areas of Madrid

Visitarb Madrid is an initiative of a group of Forestry Engineers which aims to bring the general public closer to Madrid parks and gardens through their leading protagonists: the trees.

Garden visits y and green outdoor activities 
Parque del Oeste. Tributo al Cedro del Atlas Monumental.Catálogo de árboles singulares de la Comunidad de Madrid.
Gingko Biloba en otoño. Parque del Oeste.
Jardines de La Granja
Árbol del amor. Monte de El Pardo.

We organize guided tours, botanical tours and excursions by different green areas of the town and of the Community of Madrid and surrounding areas, with special emphasis on the identification of plant species that share our habitat with us. The proposal is innovative learning methods and educational approach. The walks in the metropolitan area usually last two hours and the price is 10 € / adult and 5 € / child.

During the past ten years, Visiting Madrid has developed a series of initiatives and activities aimed at disseminating knowledge about the natural environment.

From the initiative ‘Walking Botanical by Green Areas of Madrid’, which is having considerable success since its launch, Visitarb Madrid has expanded its range of activities. Today we work with several public and private institutions in organizing and conducting courses, guided tours, excursions, conferences, forums and exhibitions. They dissemination of knowledge about the environment plays a major role.

We invite you to enjoy the parks and gardens of one of the greenest cities in the world through its main protagonists: Trees. From the perspective of these wonderful beings know the countless stories they can tell us about the flora and fauna of our environment.

From Visitarb Madrid organize tours and botanical walks for groups by Green Zones of the Village and the Community of Madrid, and is aimed at all people who want to enjoy the city or the region next to the árboles.Hacemos a tour we know its history and part of our culture linked to nature. At the same time we learn to identify and distinguish many plant and animal species that share with us the urban habitat.

Each visit has its own content, learning objectives and graphic materials. During the explanations by the guide, both the degree of complexity of the concepts, such as items of cultural interest to try, adapt to the preferences of the group.

Proposed activities:

Botanical walks
Activities for the elderly
Children’s activities
Excursions and guided tours
Educational activities in nature
Botany courses

Parks where we do our activities:

If you are interested / a in a park that does not appear in the list, and want to know their species, do not hesitate to request it

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